Hot Air Balloon Rides

Ballooning is the most popular activity in Cappadocia region, and there are many companies to choose from. Once in a lifetime you should do a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia. You can experience the incredible landscape of Cappadocia from the air.   Balloon flights range between 170 Euro up to 230 Euro in Cappadocia for non-private group flights.  We do not recommend the cheapest companies for such an activity, but also you do not need to pay for the most expensive ones to enjoy this experience.  Please see below for types of balloon flights. For the flights explained below, you would be picked up from our hotel about 40 minutes before the sunrise and get served a light breakfast before going to the balloon launch site.  At the end of all flights, there will be a champagne celebration and all passengers will get a certificate for completing a balloon flight.  Lastly, you will be brought back to our hotel around 8-9 a.m. which will give you time to join daily tours or do other activities on your free day. Standard flights range between 170 Euro up to 230 Euro per person, and the number of passengers in one basket ranges from 16 up to 24 people in these flights. The flights last 45 minutes to 65 minutes for standard flights.  As prices for such flights get lower, the number of passengers per basket will get higher.  Although the basket size is important for a pleasant flight, it is not the only aspect that effects the pricing for a balloon flight; the pilot operating the flight also effects the flight cost as better and more experienced pilots do get paid more compared to new and unexperienced pilots  and the whole flight experience is really determined by combination of all these factors.  We recommend flights with companies who take all these factors seriously and professionally.

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